Whether you’re having an intimate gathering with your girlfriends or a larger celebration with all of your friends and family, our baby shower catering services in Sheffield can be made to suit your needs. At Savery Grazing, we strive to offer fuss-free catering that tastes as good as it looks. On the day of your celebration, our team will handle every aspect of the catering, leaving you free to enjoy the special moments. 

We also consider pregnancy-safe foods if you have expecting guests at your event. If needed, we can provide safe cheeses and meats and cater to other dietary requirements. When you choose one of our grazing table packages, we provide bamboo cutlery and plates, saving you from a huge pile of washing up at the end of your event!

We have plenty for you to choose from, including:


Individual Platters

If you’re having a smaller celebration, our grazing platters are a cost-effective option to feed your baby shower guests. From charcuterie boards to posh sandwiches, seasonal salads, and more - mix and match platters for your perfect spread!

Grazing Tables

For those of you looking for an impressive spread for more than ten people, choose one of our grazing table packages. Our baby shower grazing tables include a gorgeous spread of handmade and locally sourced food, as well as table styling and foliage at no additional cost. When you order a grazing table, we’ll arrive at your event 1.5-2 hours beforehand to set up, and we’ll collect all of our equipment from you the next day.

The Posh Picnic

Our ‘posh picnic’ grazing tables is our top choice for baby showers in Sheffield. The table includes sandwiches or bagels of your choosing alongside seasonal salads, crudités and dips, and posh picnic nibbles like runny scotch eggs, handmade pastry twists and sausage rolls.

£18 per person

The Classic Charcuterie

This is what we’re known for! Our classic charcuterie grazing table is made up of meats and handpicked cheeses, finished with cornichons, pickled onions, nuts, fresh & dried fruits. Crackers and chutney come included. This table is perfect for celebrating a new life to come! Pregnancy-safe meat & cheeses can be added.

£19 per person

The Baby Brunch

Indulge in a delicious spread of fresh seasonal fruit, freshly baked pastries, granola & yoghurt pots, as well as locally-sourced jam and honey. Our beautiful brunch table is perfect for baby showers, hen-dos, the morning of a wedding or for a girly get-together.

£15 per person

Customer Reviews

Excellent service from Jasmine, happy to discuss and advise about which product would be best. Delivered on time, looked great AND tasted amazing! Everyone wanted to know where I got food from. Will definitely use again, Thank you ❤️

Alex Bell

An amazing spread set up beautifully. Jasmine is a lovely woman and made the food an easy part of the party day!
Thank you so very much. x

Nicky Welch

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We understand that every celebration is unique. That's why our catering service is customisable. Share your preferences with us, and we'll work with you to create a feast that perfectly aligns with your vision. If you’d like to book your baby shower catering in Sheffield, get in touch with our team via phone, email, or by completing our enquiry form. Share with us:

- Location of your baby shower
- Date & time of the event
- Number of guests
- Your budget
- The type of grazing table or platters that you’d like
- Anything else that we should know to make your baby shower perfect!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – absolutely! If you’re expecting a large number of guests, catering can make the event more manageable. Professional baby shower caterers can handle the preparation, serving, and display of the food, allowing you to focus on enjoying the event. 

Planning and preparing food for a large group can also be time-consuming and stressful. If you’d rather not spend the entire event in the kitchen, choosing baby shower catering services, like Savery Grazing, can be a big help!

We’d always recommend finger foods and light grazing options when catering for a baby shower, as well as ensuring a variety of items to cater for all of your guests’ preferences. Posh canapes and charcuterie are a great option as they don’t require plates, but grazing tables are also a good option as we provide disposable plates and cutlery, alongside an impressive (and totally instagrammable) display of food!

The responsibility for paying for a baby shower meal is typically borne by the host(s) of the baby shower. Traditionally, friends and family members of the expectant parents organise and host the baby shower, and might cover the expenses associated with the event, including the venue, decorations, food, and other arrangements.

If you’re pregnant, it is advisable to avoid raw or undercooked seafood, raw eggs, unpasteurized dairy (such as soft cheese), deli meats (like salami), high-mercury fish, excessive caffeine, alcohol, raw sprouts, and unwashed fruits and vegetables. At Savery Grazing, we can provide safe alternatives to certain foods if there are expecting mothers at your event.