Hosting a dinner party, especially around the festive season, is hard work – so we’re thankful for any friend of ours who is still keen to open their home to guests. The golden rule when attending a dinner party, of course, is that you mustn’t arrive empty-handed. But please, we’re begging you, think of something more thoughtful than a bottle of wine from your local M&S!

In this article, we’ve listed our favourite hostess gifts for 2024, each with varying price points – there is truly something for everyone. Have a great hostess gift idea that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!


What is a Good Gift For a Hostess?

Here’s a list of the best hostess gift ideas for 2024 and beyond:

1. Homemade Jam Or Chutney


You can’t get much more thoughtful than something homemade – but it doesn’t have to be something you’ve spent hours on. This is why our favourite hostess gift is a jar or two of a seasonal conserve. 

Trust us, it is not as hard to make as it initially seems. Personally, we love recipes that involve throwing everything together in one pot and leaving it to do its thing! Try making:

Finish your freshly made jam or chutney with a ribbon or brown string bow and a handwritten tag. We love to decorate our jars with dried orange slices or a sprig of rosemary if we have them on hand!

2. Fancy Olive Oil

The key to any great host or hostess gift is to buy a slightly fancier version of something they use day-to-day. Olive oil or balsamic vinegar is a staple in any home – but it can get pretty pricey if you’re using it every day, so people won’t often splash out on a nice bottle for themselves. 

We are obsessed with this gorgeous Organic Olive Oil from Daylesford Farm Shop. Plus, it comes in a lovely ceramic bottle that can be reused time and time again. If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable, yet still beautiful olive oil, try the Carapelli 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Amazon for just £10!

You could also try making your own herb-infused olive oil if you have the time. Our Wild Garlic Oil Recipe is always a hit!

3. New Tea Towels

When it comes to expressing gratitude to a gracious host, finding the perfect item can feel like a challenge. Often overlooked yet incredibly versatile, tea towels are an ideal present for any host or hostess. Opt for tea towels featuring beautiful prints and patterns, vibrant colours, or tones that complement their kitchen decor.

Obviously, quality is paramount when choosing tea towels for your lucky recipient. Opt for brands like M&S, Thorneback & Peel, or Wolf & Badger. For a slightly more affordable option, try Dexam kitchenware – their ‘Giggling Geese‘ printed teatowel is one of our favourites!

4. Posh Snacks

The golden rule when it comes to hostess gifts is to give something that you wouldn’t typically buy for yourself. Posh snacks are the perfect example. They’re easy enough to pick up from your local Waitrose or M&S and will cost you less than a bottle of wine. Plus, your host or hostess can serve them at the dinner party! Our top picks include: 

To elevate this gift one step further, present your selection of posh snacks in a lovely wicker basket, finished with a ribbon.

5. Metal Cocktail Sticks

These sleek and sophisticated accessories are a must-have for any cocktail enthusiast or home entertainer.

Unlike wooden or plastic picks that need to be thrown away after each use, these metal sticks can be reused time and time again, making them a sustainable choice for the environmentally conscious hostess.

Whether presented on their own or as part of a larger gift basket for your hostess with the mostess, metal cocktail sticks are sure to be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come. Cheers to stylish entertainment!

6. Recipe Tin

If your host or hostess is a keen cook (and we can safely assume they are!), then a recipe tin is a cute gift idea. Yes, they are quite old-fashioned, but we think it adds a touch of country cottage charm to the kitchen. Plus, we love having hand-written copies of our recipes to refer back to, and to one day pass down to our kids.

Etsy stocks a range of recipe tins, both plain and patterned, and some Etsy shops even offer personalised options!

7. Dried Citrus Slices

If you’re on a bit of a budget, but still want to give something thoughtful, why not make the host a batch of dried citrus slices? It might sound like a strange DIY, but they can be used for SO many things. We love to use dried oranges, lemons, and limes to:

  • Garnish cocktails
  • Make a garland or Christmas decorations
  • Mix in with potpourri
  • Decorate cakes

To make your own, follow the step-by-step guide on our website: How To Dry Citrus Slices

8. Candles & Diffusers

Candles and diffusers are an easy gift for anyone who takes pride in their home. Ensure you choose non-toxic scented items, especially if your host or hostess is conscious of being organic or environmentally friendly. 

Go for unique scents that aren’t overpowering or sickly. Our go-to choice is the Botanical Vine Tomato Candle from Daylesford Farm Shop. It is ideal to burn in the kitchen, to enhance delicious cooking smells throughout the evening. Alternatively, a fresh-linen type of scent is a safe choice.

9. Potted Spring Bulbs

With Spring just around the corner, why not consider gifting some lovely spring bulbs that you have potted yourself? Choosing a potted plant over a traditional bouquet of flowers demonstrates much more thought – and can also be enjoyed for much longer than a vase of fresh flowers!

Our favourite potted flowers to gift a hostess include:

  • Lady Jane
  • Alliums 
  • Tulips
  • Narcissus
  • Hyacinths

10. Personalised Napkins

By incorporating the host’s initials, a monogram, or a special motif, these napkins become more than just table accessories – they become cherished keepsakes. If you know the name of the dinner party guests, you may want to consider personalising one for each attendee. 

We get our personalised napkins from Etsy, or if you’re handy with a sewing machine, feel free to make your own!

11. Wine Accessories

Okayyy, I know we said wine is a bit of a boring gift, but if you really can’t think of anything else, then take it one step further by gifting an interesting wine accessory to match. Our favourites include:

If you have the budget, splash out on accessories from a well-known, high-quality brand such as Le Creuset, L’Atelier du Vin, or John Lewis.

12. Artisan Pastries

Whilst you should never bring fresh food items to a dinner party, freshly made pastries are an exception. Let the hostess or host know that the gift is intended to be enjoyed the morning after (perhaps when their heads are a bit sore and all the plates are in the dishwasher!). 

We tend to avoid shop-bought when bringing this gift along, and will instead pick up the treats from our nearest artisan bakery – as they taste so much better. Choose a selection of croissants, sweet items, and anything you know your recipient would love to snack on the next day. Present them nicely in a box or basket.

Don’t have a sweet tooth? A fresh crusty sourdough loaf is also a great choice – if it’s homemade, even better.

Gift Ideas From Savery Grazing

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Jasmine Savery
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Hi! I'm Jasmine, and I launched Savery Grazing in 2022. I’ve always had a passion for food, with a particular love for how social it can be. Follow along as I share my favourite tips, tricks, and delicious recipes with you.

Hi! I'm Jasmine, and I launched Savery Grazing in 2022. I’ve always had a passion for food, with a particular love for how social it can be. Follow along as I share my favourite tips, tricks, and delicious recipes with you.